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Publications from Strangeways research groups

Lists of publications from the research groups:

Cancer Research UK (CRUK) Genetic Epidemiology Unit - publication list expected

Cancer Research UK: Human Cancer Genetics Group - publication list expected

UK Familial Ovarian Cancer Register - no separate publication list

CRUK Cancer Genetics Group - European Prospective Investigation of Cancer (EPIC) - publication list

Centre for Medical Genetics and Policy (CMGP) - see CGKP list

Molecular Epidemiology Unit - Daneshpublications list and Public Health & Primary Care publications list

MRC Epidemiology Unit - MRC Diabetes publications list

Osteoporosis Studies Group (EPOS) - publication list

PHG Foundation - publication list

Social Epidemiology - publication list expected

Studies of Epidemiology and Risk factors in Cancer Heredity (SEARCH) - no separate list

Thyroid Carcinogenesis Research Group - publication list


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