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Zhao Zhiguo, Wen Wanqing, Michailidou Kyriaki, Bolla Manjeet K, Wang Qin, Zhang Ben, Long Jirong, Shu Xiao-Ou, Schmidt Marjanka K, Milne Roger L, Garc{\~{A}}\-a-Closas Montserrat, Chang-Claude Jenny, Lindstrom Sara, Bojesen Stig E, Ahsan Habibul, Aittom{\~{A}}{\textcurrency}ki Kristiina, Andrulis Irene L, Anton-Culver Hoda, Arndt Volker, Beckmann Matthias W, Beeghly-Fadiel Alicia, Benitez Javier, Blomqvist Carl, Bogdanova Natalia V, B{\~{A}}{\c{}}rresen-Dale Anne-Lise, Brand Judith, Brauch Hiltrud, Brenner Hermann, Burwinkel Barbara, Cai Qiuyin, Casey Graham, Chenevix-Trench Georgia, Couch Fergus J, Cox Angela, Cross Simon S, Czene Kamila, D{\~{A}}{\P}rk Thilo, Dumont Martine, Fasching Peter A, Figueroa Jonine, Flesch-Janys Dieter, Fletcher Olivia, Flyger Henrik, Fostira Florentia, Gammon Marilie, Giles Graham G, Gu{\~{A}}{\copyright}nel Pascal, Haiman Christopher A, Hamann Ute, Harrington Patricia, Hartman Mikael, Hooning Maartje J, Hopper John L, Jakubowska Anna, Jasmine Farzana, John Esther M, Johnson Nichola, Kabisch Maria, Khan Sofia, Kibriya Muhammad, Knight Julia A, Kosma Veli-Matti, Kriege Mieke, Kristensen Vessela, Le Marchand Loic, Lee Eunjung, Li Jingmei, Lindblom Annika, Lophatananon Artitaya, Luben Robert, Lubinski Jan, Malone Kathleen E, Mannermaa Arto, Manoukian Siranoush, Margolin Sara, Marme Frederik, McLean Catriona, Meijers-Heijboer Hanne, Meindl Alfons, Miao Hui, Muir Kenneth, Neuhausen Susan L, Nevanlinna Heli, Neven Patrick, Olson Janet E, Perkins Barbara, Peterlongo Paolo, Phillips Kelly-Anne, Pylk{\~{A}}{\textcurrency}s Katri, Rudolph Anja, Santella Regina, Sawyer Elinor J, Schmutzler Rita K, Schoemaker Minouk, Shah Mitul, Shrubsole Martha, Southey Melissa C, Swerdlow Anthony J, Toland Amanda E, Tomlinson Ian, Torres Diana, Truong Th{\~{A}}{\copyright}r{\~{A}}{\"{}}se, Ursin Giske, Van Der Luijt Rob B, Verhoef Senno, Wang-Gohrke Shan, Whittemore Alice S, Winqvist Robert, Pilar Zamora M, Zhao Hui, Dunning Alison M, Simard Jacques, Hall Per, Kraft Peter, Pharoah Paul, Hunter David, Easton Douglas F, Zheng Wei. (2016) Association of genetic susceptibility variants for type 2 diabetes with breast cancer risk in women of {Europe}an ancestry. Cancer causes \& control : CCC 27 ():679-693.


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