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Tanaka Toshiko, Ngwa Julius S., {van Rooij} Frank J A., Zillikens M Carola, Wojczynski Mary K., Frazier-Wood Alexis C., Houston Denise K., Kanoni Stavroula, Lemaitre Rozenn N., Luan Jian'an, Mikkil{\"{a}} Vera, Renstrom Frida, Sonestedt Emily, Zhao Jing Hua, Chu Audrey Y., Qi Lu, Chasman Daniel I., {de Oliveira Otto} Marcia C., Dhurandhar Emily J., Feitosa Mary F., Johansson Ingegerd, Khaw Kay-Tee, Lohman Kurt K., Manichaikul Ani, McKeown Nicola M., Mozaffarian Dariush, Singleton Andrew, Stirrups Kathleen, Viikari Jorma, Ye Zheng, Bandinelli Stefania, Barroso In{\^{e}}s, Deloukas Panos, Forouhi Nita G., Hofman Albert, Liu Yongmei, Lyytik{\"{a}}inen Leo-Pekka, North Kari E., Dimitriou Maria, Hallmans Goran, K{\"{a}}h{\"{o}}nen Mika, Langenberg Claudia, Ordovas Jose M., Uitterlinden Andr{\'{e}} G., Hu Frank B., Kalafati Ioanna-Panagiota, Raitakari Olli, Franco Oscar H., Johnson Andrew, Emilsson Valur, Schrack Jennifer A., Semba Richard D., Siscovick David S., Arnett Donna K., Borecki Ingrid B., Franks Paul W., Kritchevsky Stephen B., Lehtim{\"{a}}ki Terho, Loos Ruth J F., Orho-Melander Marju, Rotter Jerome I., Wareham Nicholas J., Witteman Jacqueline C M., Ferrucci Luigi, Dedoussis George, Cupples L Adrienne, Nettleton Jennifer A.. (2013) Genome-wide meta-analysis of observational studies shows common genetic variants associated with macronutrient intake. Am J Clin Nutr 97 (6):1395-1402.


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