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Freisling Heinz, Pisa Pedro T., Ferrari Pietro, Byrnes Graham, Moskal Aurelie, Dahm Christina C., Vergnaud Anne-Claire, Boutron-Ruault Marie-Christine, Fagherazzi Guy, Cadeau Claire, K{\"{u}}hn Tilman, Neamat-Allah Jasmine, Buijsse Brian, Boeing Heiner, Halkj{\ae}r Jytte, Tjonneland Anne, Hansen Camilla P., Quir{\'{o}}s J Ram{\'{o}}n, Travier No{\'{e}}mie, Molina-Montes Esther, Amiano Pilar, Huerta Jos{\'{e}} M., Barricarte Aurelio, Khaw Kay-Tee, Wareham Nicholas, Key Tim J., Romaguera Dora, Lu Yunxia, Lassale Camille M., Naska Androniki, Orfanos Philippos, Trichopoulou Antonia, Masala Giovanna, Pala Valeria, Berrino Franco, Tumino Rosario, Ricceri Fulvio, {de Magistris} Maria Santucci, Bueno-de-Mesquita H Bas, Ock{\'{e}} Marga C., Sonestedt Emily, Ericson Ulrika, Johansson Mattias, Skeie Guri, Weiderpass Elisabete, Braaten Tonje, Peeters Petra H M., Slimani Nadia. (2015) Main nutrient patterns are associated with prospective weight change in adults from 10 {Europe}an countries. Eur J Nutr ():.

Freisling Heinz, Moskal Aurelie, Ferrari Pietro, Nicolas Genevi{\`{e}}ve, Knaze Viktoria, Clavel-Chapelon Fran{\c{c}}oise, Boutron-Ruault Marie-Christine, Nailler Laura, Teucher Birgit, Grote Verena A., Boeing Heiner, Clemens Matthias, Tj{\o}nneland Anne, Olsen Anja, Overvad Kim, Quir{\'{o}}s J Ram{\'{o}}n, Duell Eric J., S{\'{a}}nchez Mar{\'{i}}a-Jos{\'{e}}, Amiano Pilar, Chirlaque Maria-Dolores, Barricarte Aurelio, Khaw Kay-Tee, Wareham Nicholas J., Crowe Francesca L., Gallo Valentina, Oikonomou Eleni, Naska Androniki, Trichopoulou Antonia, Palli Domenico, Agnoli Claudia, Tumino Rosario, Polidoro Silvia, Mattiello Amalia, Bueno-de-Mesquita H Bas, Ock{\'{e}} Marga C., Peeters Petra H M., Wirf{\"{a}}lt Elisabet, Ericson Ulrika, Bergdahl Ingvar A., Johansson Ingegerd, Hjart{{\aa}}ker Anette, Engeset Dagrun, Skeie Guri, Riboli Elio, Slimani Nadia. (2013) Dietary acrylamide intake of adults in the {Europe}an Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition differs greatly according to geographical region. Eur J Nutr 52 (4):1369-1380.

Freisling Heinz, {van Bakel} Marit M E., Biessy Carine, May Anne M., Byrnes Graham, Norat Teresa, Rinaldi Sabina, {Santucci de Magistris} Maria, Grioni Sara, Bueno-de-Mesquita H Bas, Ock{\'{e}} Marga C., Kaaks Rudolf, Teucher Birgit, Vergnaud Anne-Claire, Romaguera Dora, Sacerdote Carlotta, Palli Domenico, Crowe Francesca L., Tumino Rosario, Clavel-Chapelon Fran{\c{c}}oise, Boutron-Ruault Marie-Christine, Khaw Kay-Tee, Wareham Nicholas J., Trichopoulou Antonia, Naska Androniki, Orfanos Philippos, Boeing Heiner, Illner Anne-Kathrin, Riboli Elio, Peeters Petra H., Slimani Nadia. (2012) Dietary reporting errors on 24 h recalls and dietary questionnaires are associated with BMI across six {Europe}an countries as evaluated with recovery biomarkers for protein and potassium intake. Br J Nutr 107 (6):910-920.

Heinz Freisling, Michael T Fahey, Aurelie Moskal, Marga C Ock{\'{e}}, Pietro Ferrari, Mazda Jenab, Teresa Norat, Androniki Naska, Ailsa A Welch, Carmen Navarro, Mandy Schulz, Elisabet Wirf{\"{a}}lt, Corinne Casagrande, Pilar Amiano, Eva Ardanaz, Christine Parr, Dagrun Engeset, Sara Grioni, Francesco Sera, Bas Bueno-de-Mesquita, Yvonne T van der Schouw, Mathilde Touvier, Marie-Christine Boutron-Ruault, Jytte Halkjaer, Christina C Dahm, Kay-Tee Khaw, Francesca Crowe, Jakob Linseisen, Janine Kr{\"{o}}ger, Inge Huybrechts, Genevi{\`{e}}ve Deharveng, Jonas Manjer, Asa Agren, Antonia Trichopoulou, Kostas Tsiotas, Elio Riboli, Sheila Bingham, Nadia Slimani. (2010) Region-specific nutrient intake patterns exhibit a geographical gradient within and between european countries. J Nutr 140 (7):1280-1286.


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