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Cousminer Diana L., Berry Diane J., Timpson Nicholas J., Ang Wei, Thiering Elisabeth, Byrne Enda M., Taal H Rob, Huikari Ville, Bradfield Jonathan P., Kerkhof Marjan, Groen-Blokhuis Maria M., Kreiner-M{\o}ller Eskil, Marinelli Marcella, Holst Claus, Leinonen Jaakko T., Perry John R B., Surakka Ida, Pietil{\"{a}}inen Olli, Kettunen Johannes, Anttila Verneri, Kaakinen Marika, Sovio Ulla, Pouta Anneli, Das Shikta, Lagou Vasiliki, Power Chris, Prokopenko Inga, Evans David M., Kemp John P., {St Pourcain} Beate, Ring Susan, Palotie Aarno, Kajantie Eero, Osmond Clive, Lehtim{\"{a}}ki Terho, Viikari Jorma S., K{\"{a}}h{\"{o}}nen Mika, Warrington Nicole M., Lye Stephen J., Palmer Lyle J., Tiesler Carla M T., Flexeder Claudia, Montgomery Grant W., Medland Sarah E., Hofman Albert, Hakonarson Hakon, Guxens M{\`{o}}nica, Bartels Meike, Salomaa Veikko, ReproGen Consortium, Murabito Joanne M., Kaprio Jaakko, S{\o}rensen Thorkild I A., Ballester Ferran, Bisgaard Hans, Boomsma Dorret I., Koppelman Gerard H., Grant Struan F A., Jaddoe Vincent W V., Martin Nicholas G., Heinrich Joachim, Pennell Craig E., Raitakari Olli T., Eriksson Johan G., Smith George Davey, Hypp{\"{o}}nen Elina, J{\"{a}}rvelin Marjo-Riitta, McCarthy Mark I., Ripatti Samuli, Wid{\'{e}}n Elisabeth, Early Growth Genetics (E. G. G) Consortium. (2013) Genome-wide association and longitudinal analyses reveal genetic loci linking pubertal height growth, pubertal timing and childhood adiposity. Hum Mol Genet 22 (13):2735-2747.


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