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EPIC-Norfolk: nutritional methods


Data collection
Data processing
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EPIC-Norfolk uses three different methods to record participant’s diet:

The 7DD is our main tool for studying the diet of EPIC-Norfolk participants while FFQs have been developed by all of the EPIC centres and are used for combined analyses on the international cohort. Further information about the various stages of the study and when questionnaires were sent out can be found in the timetable section.

Suites of programs and databases (DINER and DINERMO) have been developed within EPIC-Norfolk to convert diary information into nutrient data, and are described in the data processing section.

The accuracy of our dietary assessment methods were measured using biological markers (biomarkers). The papers discussing these are outlined in the validation and calibration sections.

For further information about our nutritional methods, see this paper (link is to PubMed abstract).
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