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The EPIC-Norfolk study has printed 7-day diet diaries for use by other studies/projects.  There is room left on the back and front of the A5 booklet to personalise the diary with your own logo, and/or notification of sponsors etc.  We can provide the diaries for free but we will require you to pay postage costs. The diaries can be used with any data-entry program.  Portion sizes of the photographs displayed can be provided.

Please note that there is currently no funding for diaries to be entered at the study centre in Cambridge, but you are welcome to come and visit in order to see the DINER & DINERMO programs we use.  The DINER program will enable you to convert the free text into a structured data format; DINERMO (currently not made publicly available) was developed to calculate nutrient & food group content.  If you wish to enquire about future collaboration, then please contact our team and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible. (contact us)


7DDs form the primary dietary record used in EPIC-Norfolk. They are issued as A5, 45-page booklets. Participants record everything that they have eaten for seven days (preferably 7 consecutive days covering weekdays and weekend days) with particular attention to amounts and how foods are prepared. The pages for each day have eight sections, seven meal slots for recording food and drinks taken from before breakfast to last thing and even during the night, and a checklist and section for recording additional snacks and other information.

Click here to see a page from a 7DD

The front pages of the 7DD include suggestions for describing and quantifying food and drinks consumed. Participants are encouraged to include full information including how foods are cooked, the type of fat or oil used in preparation or frying, brand names of commercial products and details of recipes used. The amount an individual consumes of each food item or beverage is crucial information and detailed information is also available on how different foods may be usefully quantified. For example:


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