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Cambridge University EPIC-Norfolk
EPIC-Norfolk: nutritional methods
Data collection

24-hr recall
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7-day diary i
7-day diary ii

Data processing
24-hr diet recall

A 24HR was sent out to all potential EPIC participants with the invitation to join the study. This short questionnaire asked for a record of all food and drink, including snacks, taken over the previous day.

Over 30,000 participants completed 24HRs which they returned by post. Most of these people participated in a first health check and went on to complete a 7DD. The 24HR is the only dietary record for those who did not attend a health check. A second 24HR was sent out with the invitations to the second health check three years later.

These questionnaires were coded using DINER, see the data processing section.



Click here to see a sample 24-h recall

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