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Sleep and Stroke risk

Daily Mail, February 2015

Cambridge University News, February 2015

The Independent, February 2015

Metro News, February 2015

Mirror, February 2015

The Independent, March 2015

Lack of exercise responsible for twice as many deaths as obesity

Cambridge University News, January 2015

BBC News, January 2015

NHS News, January 2015

The Telegraph, January 2015

ITV News, January 2015

The Express, January 2015

The Independent, January 2015

The Daily Mail, January 2015

Bloomberg News, January 2015

Z News India, January 2015

How safe is eating meat?

BBC News, August 2014

Daytime napping can raise the risk of a premature death by a third

Fox News, July 2014

The Times of India, May 2014

The Daily Mail, April 2014

The Independent, April 2014

Women appear to sleep less than men, despite spending longer in bed

Daily Mail, February 2014

Sabine Rohrmann discusses the link between eating processed meat and the risk of an early death

Biome, May 2013

A daily consumption of soft drinks linked to increased diabetes risk

BBC News, April 2013

Excessive drinking and increased cancer risk

BBC, April 2011

Pill 'lowers ovarian cancer risk'

BBC News, October 2011

Physical fitness could have a positive effect on eye health

ScienceDaily, October 2011

British study may improve glaucoma assessment and treatment, October 2011

Suzy Oakes obituary

Suzy Oakes was EPIC-Norfolk’s first study co-ordinator (1991-2001)- she
organised the recruitment and clinic protocols and overall running of
the study - no small task. She also made a major contribution to the
Europe wide EPIC collaboration. We are very saddened by her death on
31st July 2011 - she will be greatly missed.

The Guardian, September 2011

U.K. Study Links Dietary Fat to Esophageal Cancer Risk

Internal Medicine News, June 2011

Drinking over recommended limit 'raises cancer risk'

BBC News, April 2011

Alcohol 'only protects non-smokers against stroke'

BBC News, April 2010

Drinking coffee 'may lower stroke risk'

Businessweek, February 2010, February 2010

ScienceNews, February 2010

  Big breakfasters put on less weight

Press Clippings, January 2008

  Healthy living 'can add 14 years'

BBC News, January 2008


Reuters UK, January 2008


Telegraph, January 2008


Guardian, January 2008


New Scientist, January 2008


Associated Press, January 2008


Daily Mail, January 2008

  Managing stress cuts stroke risk

BBC News, August 2007

  Findings due on diet links with cancer

EPD Online, September 2006

  Small changes add years to life

BBC News, April 2006, video

  Red meat linked to risk of cancer

BBC News, June 2005


Guardian, June 2005


Telegraph, June 2005


Independent, June 2005


Irish Health, June 2005


Mail online, June 2005


CNN, June 2005


The Hindu, June 2005

Sun online, June 2005


Diabetes linked to bowel Cancer


BBC News, June 2004


London (Reuters Health), June 2004


High fat diet linked to breast cancer


BBC News, July 2003


Channel 4 News, July 2003


Sky News, July 2003


Guardian, July 2003


Scotsman, July 2003


New York (Reuters Health), July 2003

CBS News, July 2003

  Fibre decreases cancer risk

BBC News, May 2003

Daily Telegraph, May 2003

  Oily fish 'could cut asthma risk'

BBC News, December 2002

  Take it on: cutting the odds

Anglia TV programme on cancer, May 2002

  An extra apple a day 'can cut cancer risk by a fifth'

Daily Telegraph, May 2002

  Frequent eating lowers cholesterol

New Scientist, November 2001

  Smoking drinkers '50 times more at risk from cancer'

Daily Telegraph, June 2001

  Eating fruit halves the risk of an early death

Independent, March 2001

  Fighting heart disease with fruit

BBC News, March 2001

  Watching TV raises risk of hip fractures

Daily Telegraph, January 2001

  Death by chocolate

New Scientist, January 2001


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