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The design of EPIC-Norfolk has enabled us to widen the scope and increase greatly the value of the study. In order to maximise the use of our rich database, we collaborate with a host of leading researchers from other disciplines and institutions, and by using our combined expertise and knowledge, we are able to expand the questions that EPIC addresses.

The main research project objectives are specifically designed with each collaborator to complement those of EPIC.
These include informing interventions for disease prevention and for the maintenance of health in later life. 

We welcome researchers to discuss possible collaborations with the EPIC-Norfolk Research Group. To enquire about a potential collaboration, please e-mail us.

A list of the main research themes and the key collaborators working in these areas is given below:

By Researchers

By Collaborating Organisations

General Practices, Norfolk
By Topics

  • Exposures
    • Biological markers
    • Diabetes and obesity
    • Diet
    • Nutrition
    • Social epidemiology
  • Genetic Profiling
    • Cancer
    • Diabetes and obesity
    • Genetic profiling
  • Biological Profiling
    • Biological markers
    • Cancer
    • Nutrition
    • Thyroid function
  • Health Outcomes
    • Arthritis
    • Biological markers
    • Bone health
    • Bowel and gall bladder disease
    • Cancer
    • Cognition
    • Diabetes and obesity
    • Functional health
    • Visual health
  • Methods

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last updated: 14 November 2011